Veterans are Our Mission. Gaming is Our Passion.
Supply Crates
We assemble care packages filled with video gaming and nerd goodness, delivered to troops deployed, in military hospitals and on bases stateside.
Air Assaults
Stack Up hand-picks deserving veterans and pays for them to attend life-changing video game and geek culture events.
The Stacks
Our volunteers help bring comfort and friendship to veterans coping with PTSD or transitioning back to civilian life.

How You Can Help Veterans


Community Events

Give just 10 hours a month to help veterans in your community. Volunteer

Hours Streamed

Host a 24 hour gaming marathon. Hold a car wash, be creative there are so many ways to give. Fundraise

Veterans Supported

Become a sponsor and learn how your company can give back to the troops. Partner With Us

Where We Are

The Stacks are a core part of the Stack Up team, they are a living breathing extension of the passionate people behind Stack Up. These are just some of the places where we have local groups. We are adding new locations all the time!

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