Air Assaults

Sending Veterans to Life-Changing Events

Air Assaults

Air Assaults are all expenses paid trips for veterans to attend life-changing video game and geek culture events.

These trips reduce the threat of isolation by enabling veterans to connect with members of their military family who share their interests, and introduce them to a community of fans and industry professionals who support and admire them. Whether it be a Comic-Con, an Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), a Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) or even a game developer studio tour, we strive to connect, engage, and uplift those who have served our country honorably.

With the help of our local Stacks providing support, we make sure those veterans have a weekend with unforgettable experiences. With graditude, we hope to bring memories they can look back on with positivity and encouragement for the future.

A look inside Air Assaults

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Common Questions

Who is eligible for an “Air Assault” event as a guest of Stack Up?

There are a limited number of events that we are able to attend each year, so not everyone who applies will be accepted. We’re looking for deserving active duty, or retired veterans with an honorable discharge. Deserving is obviously a subjective term, so we will be reaching out to credible applicants to discuss their service. Combat or service injured veterans must be able to reproduce medical discharge paperwork.

If accepted, what does the time line look like?

After your application is reviewed and a Stack Up team member talks with you, we will find an acceptable event for you or the person you nominate!

Nominating An
Air Assault

We are looking for deserving veterans to join and bring with us to amazing gaming and geek culture events such as Penny Arcade Expo, ComicCon, E3, TwitchCon, etc.!

The better the story, the more likely you’ll be chosen. You do not need to be a combat disabled veteran to apply. If you have served your country honorably and have a decent story as to why you should be selected, you may still be eligible!

If selected, we will be verifying all your service information, please make sure to have your DD-214 and Department of Veterans Affairs medical paperwork, so go ahead and stow those tall tales!

Air Assaults
Nomination Form

  • Personal and Military Information

  • Link to the social profile of you or the person whom you are nominating for an Air Assault.
  • Cell or Landline
  • Bio and Preferences

  • Tell us about yourself or the person you're nominating. What makes them a good candidate for an Air Assault trip, and how would this trip have an impact on them? Stack Up receives many requests, so take this opportunity to make yourself or your nominee stand out!
  • Any specific games or studios you would love to see at an event?
  • Any Twitch or YouTube (or other service) broadcasters that you're a fan of?
  • Photo Submission

  • Please submit a few photos of you or your nominee.
    Include at least one photo of the nominee in uniform, and one current photo (can be in uniform or out). All photos must be cleared for public use and not violate Operational Security(OPSEC).

    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Note:
    If you cannot upload photos now, you can email them to us at Please note that we cannot process your application without your photo submission.

  • Final

  • By clicking on "I agree," I hereby give Stack Up and its employees or representatives permission to contact me and send me periodic newsletters about the organization. Stack Up does not share or sell information with any third party application or organization.
  • By submitting this form I understand that the information provided here is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and ability. All material has been cleared OPSEC and represents no breaches in security. I also understand that my submission does not guarantee that will provide materials, only that it will consider the request. If selected, I authorize the use of photos and submitted information to be used in support of the organization, via website, social media, press materials or any other media outlet Stack-Up feels is appropriate.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
  • Our Air Assaults

    Catch our Air Assaults in action and see what they have to say! Have team photos or a statement you feel inspired to share? Email them to us at!



    “It allows me to play games with my brother who is still in the army, it allows me to play with my buddies who are still overseas and it is very much coping, but also entertainment.”

    “It is just good to have that breakaway and be immersed in something that is not my head.”

    “Madden and FIFA have become our go-to with tournaments running nightly and a white board dedicated to win-loss records. Rivalries are forming and guys are finding time to practice in between work and working out to sharpen their mad skills…morale is through the roof! Thank you again, the Supply Crate you sent has truly improved our living conditions and gives us a much needed form of relaxation. You may not realize it, but this will keep our sanity intact.”

    Your Supply Crate not only made my Christmas, but made my year; this has really turned things around for me. Stack-Up is truly a thoughtful organization, designed to bring happiness to us vets who have an extremely hard time finding happiness anywhere in their lives.

    “I heard from a brother that you guys helped him out; to see that kindness still around is amazing. As a vet its hard sometimes, and having groups like yours out helping for nothing in return its great. Please keep up the great work and don’t ever stop.”

    …while we have all had various types of awesome care packages delivered to us over the years with toiletries, tobacco, and tasty treats, none of us have ever experienced anything quite like a Stack-Up Supply Crate.

    Working on the flightline, 12 hour days are normal and there are so many stresses that come with my job. Being able to come home and forget all of it for even an hour does wonders for me personally. I have built so many friendships in Stack-Up and I can’t wait to make more. It’s a family.

    Stack-Up has a strong desire to help and encourage veterans. They share a passion for gaming and use it to connect with veterans around the world.

    The guys at Stack-Up showed me an incredible time at a Penny Arcade event…Stack-Up is an organization that truly puts veterans first.

    I am a gamer. I have always been a gamer…The guys and gals at Stack-Up get this. Thanks to Stack-Up, there is just a little less suck for me and the other troops with whom I am currently deployed.

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