Supply Crates

We assemble care packages filled with video gaming and nerd goodness, delivered to veterans deployed to combat zones, humanitarian missions, recovering in military hospitals, or even to bases stateside in support of any number of family readiness missions. We strive to change a deployed service members experience while they are deployed: instead of focusing on how many days they have left in theater, we want them thinking about setting up an upcoming Madden or Call of Duty tournament with their battle buddies. And it’s not just about having fun: scientific studies show video gaming has been tied to helping veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, stress, even help with pain relief!

Register For an Upcoming Supply Crate

Do you have a great story about what your group or unit is doing that deserves a little Supply Crate to help morale? Tell us about it and YOU could be the reason your unit un-crates some gaming fun.
  • If you have one, this goes a long way in confirming you're really in the service.
  • *For Stateside Requests*
  • What is your groups designation where you serve or served with?
  • What Base, Fort, Ship etc are you attached to (when not deployed)?
  • Approximately how many individuals are you looking to support?
  • Please indicate your current service status.
  • When are you currently scheduled to end your deployment (rough estimate, mindful of OPSEC).
  • Anticipated end date of hospital assignment.
  • Short Timers Warning: Please note that Stack-Up reviews each request and determines if there is enough time left on deployments/assignments in order to determine if we can accept.
  • Tell us about you and your group. Why do you make a good candidate?
  • What kind of games and gear are you interested in?
  • Any specific titles you're interested in getting (HALO, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Madden, etc). No guarantees, but we'll do what we can!
  • If selected, we'd like to share your good fortune, let us know what social media your group has (facebook, twitter, instagram etc).
  • If selected, this is where your support will be shipped. Enter Street Address, City,State/Province/Country, Zip/Postal Code
  • Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, etc.
  • I understand my application will not be considered unless photos are sent in to Please submit a few photos of you and/or your group making your country proud. Photos should show your group in its full gear glory, doing it's special tasks, taking care of business etc. All photos must be cleared for public use and not violate Operational Security (OPSEC)
  • By submitting this form I understand that the information provided here is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and ability. All material has been cleared OPSEC and represents no breaches in security. I also understand that my submission does not guarantee that will provide materials, only that it will consider the request. If selected, I authorize the use of photos and submitted information to be used in support of the organization, via website, social media, press materials or any other media outlet Stack-Up feels is appropriate.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.