Stack Up is retrofitting veterans with Gaming PCs built from the ground up to help them connect with friends both old and new through the power of gaming’s most versatile platform.

We build PCs that include all of the hardware needed to run today’s most demanding games, and send them out to US and allied veterans all over the world.

We recognize the valuable role that video games can play in an individual’s health and well-being. As a boutique extension to our Supply Crate program, we seek to provide the ultimate gaming experience for veterans to help them connect with others through the healing power of gaming!

A look inside Vetrofit

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This extension of our Supply Crate program is looking specifically for prior service individuals, but is not limited to veterans who are combat/disabled. All US and allied veterans are welcome to apply!

The more compelling your story is, the more likely your request is to be chosen. Selection is based on a variety factors such as personal story, mission impact, etc., and unfortunately we won’t be able to support everyone who applies, so please be thorough! If you or someone you care about has a great story, tell us about it for a chance to be our next PC “Vetrofit” recipient!

If selected, please be prepared to submit proof of service such as DD-214 or VA documentation.

PC VETROFIT Crate Registration


A message from Dave Crouse, Director of Veteran Services:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have temporarily suspended form submissions for Vetrofit PCs.

2019 marked our first full year of accepting and supporting Vetrofit requests. This is still a very new addition to our Supply Crate program, and we’ve been very excited to roll out a handful of PC Vetrofit Crates to deserving veterans around the world. Based on the high volume of requests we’ve received, it’s clear that you folks out there are as excited about this service as we are!

In the interest of transparency, I want to share that we are receiving requests more rapidly that we can possibly fulfill at this time. PC support requests are much more financially demanding than our standard console Supply Crates and, as such, are far more limited in quantity. As we move forward and continue to grow the capabilities of this organization, we aim to do more and more of these PC Vetrofit Crates. For the time being, however, we need some time to catch up on our backlog of requests.

It pains me to be the bearer of bad news in this case but, as an organization, we don’t want to misrepresent our capabilities. We certainly don’t want to accept requests that we don’t believe we’ll be able to support. With that in mind, we hope to reopen submissions sooner than later. We wish you all the absolute best and encourage you to research our other support programs in the meantime. Thanks for reading!

Dave Crouse

Vetrofit Recipients

Catch our Vetrofit recipients in action and see what they have to say! Have team photos or a statement you feel inspired to share? Email them to us at!


“It allows me to play games with my brother who is still in the army, it allows me to play with my buddies who are still overseas and it is very much coping, but also entertainment.”

“It is just good to have that breakaway and be immersed in something that is not my head.”

“Madden and FIFA have become our go-to with tournaments running nightly and a white board dedicated to win-loss records. Rivalries are forming and guys are finding time to practice in between work and working out to sharpen their mad skills…morale is through the roof! Thank you again, the Supply Crate you sent has truly improved our living conditions and gives us a much needed form of relaxation. You may not realize it, but this will keep our sanity intact.”

Your Supply Crate not only made my Christmas, but made my year; this has really turned things around for me. Stack-Up is truly a thoughtful organization, designed to bring happiness to us vets who have an extremely hard time finding happiness anywhere in their lives.

“I heard from a brother that you guys helped him out; to see that kindness still around is amazing. As a vet its hard sometimes, and having groups like yours out helping for nothing in return its great. Please keep up the great work and don’t ever stop.”

…while we have all had various types of awesome care packages delivered to us over the years with toiletries, tobacco, and tasty treats, none of us have ever experienced anything quite like a Stack-Up Supply Crate.

Working on the flightline, 12 hour days are normal and there are so many stresses that come with my job. Being able to come home and forget all of it for even an hour does wonders for me personally. I have built so many friendships in Stack-Up and I can’t wait to make more. It’s a family.

Stack-Up has a strong desire to help and encourage veterans. They share a passion for gaming and use it to connect with veterans around the world.

The guys at Stack-Up showed me an incredible time at a Penny Arcade event…Stack-Up is an organization that truly puts veterans first.

I am a gamer. I have always been a gamer…The guys and gals at Stack-Up get this. Thanks to Stack-Up, there is just a little less suck for me and the other troops with whom I am currently deployed.


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