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‘I just needed help’: Airmen with PTSD on HAFB find Help, New Coping Tools

“Our goal is to get a community group together that encourages a lot of these veterans that don’t get out very much, that seclude themselves, and get them out and in the community making friends, just basically having a community group and being a force for good in the town…”

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Bridging The Gap: Gaming Group Builds Community For Veterans

“The public health approach stresses the need to ‘meet people where they are’ to improve population health. Stack Up’s model exemplifies this by reaching active duty and veterans where they are, online or in the real world…”

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How Stack Up uses Video Games to Save Veterans from Mental Illness and Suicide

“About that time, in 2009, one of my guys who was with me in Iraq re-enlisted, and was immediately sent back over to Afghanistan. He reached out to me and said, “Hey, can you get us an Xbox or something? We have nothing to do over here. We’re in a new location. You have connections to the game industry. Can you see what you can do?”…”

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CDC Foundation Grants Help Combat Veteran Suicide

“This is a public health crisis that the private sector cannot solve alone, and the public sector cannot solve alone…”

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Veteran focused, games-based charity Stack Up to focus on suicide prevention

“I noticed a lot of people reaching out to me personally and wanting to just talk about things. Maybe they were having money problems or they didn’t feel well or they were having some trouble at home with their families. I just sat and listened to them. I offered an ear…”

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Coping With War: Where Video Games And The Lives Of Soldiers Intersect

“When you come out into the civilian world from military life, it’s all dog eat dog, with no one really looking out for our best interests anymore. And that’s the hard part…”

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Stack Brings Peace, Not Violence, To Our Troops With Video Games

“Machuga recently founded, a military-focused charity to realize his vision: bringing happiness and peace to deployed members of the military through care packages that feature video games…”

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Helping Veterans is No Game for Charitable Stack Up

“What we’ve seen so far is that these Stack Up events are helping. Warriors are responding well to the game nights, forging friendships, and building a support network with their peers…”

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Call To Arms is Stack Up’s year-long donation focus that fuels our mission of using the awesome power of video games to support US and allied veterans, as well as active duty service members around the world!

The majority of our fundraising is driven by content creators who want to make a difference in the lives of those who serve their country. In the past, we have seen streamers and their communities come together to raise support for our mission in diverse and incredible ways. Each year, those top supporters are memorialized on our Wall of Heroes.