What is the Stack Up Stream Team?

The Stack Up stream team acts as a welcome wagon for the greater gaming community. Often times someones first contact with Stack Up and our mission will come through watching one of our amazing streamers either on Mixer, or Twitch.

The Stack Up stream team is also the vanguard for Call To Arms our year-long fundraising drive with focal points during Military Appreciation Month in May and Veterans Day in November.

Stream Team members are expected to have the knowledge of Stack Up to answer questions that might be posted in the chat, as well as to be able to demonstrate the good work of Stack Up during charity streams.

Do you want to join?

Whether you are a streamer on Twitch or Mixer, we have stream teams on both platforms and would love to welcome you to the family. Please take a moment and fill out the form below and one of our volunteer Team Leads will be back with you within a few days!

As we mentioned the stream team is the Standard bearer for Stack Up across both platforms. It serves as a focal point for both our supporters and for recruitment. Without the hard work of the streamers that team up with us, we simply wouldn’t be able to complete our mission.


We are looking for solid personnel to help support the cause, remember to take a few moments to look around the Stack Up site and familiarize yourself with our mission and the various support programs we offer before you apply to join the team.

Become a Stack-Up Broadcaster

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