Alesha Smith

Senior Influencer Relations Coordinator


Brief Info:

Alesha “PerkyDaisy” Smith is a Senior Influencer Coordinator for StackUp.

She is a US Army veteran who served as an Ammunition Specialist from 2000-2004 stationed out of Fort Bragg, NC. During that time, she went on one combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2002 with an attack helicopter unit. When she returned home from deployment, her love for gaming helped her integrate back into society.

Alesha found StackUp shortly after she started streaming on Twitch where her love for helping veterans, playing video games and being part of a military community all tied together. She has been a part of our Twitch Stream Team since August 2018 and became part of the Influencer Team a year later. Her job consists of helping influencers like herself to raise awareness and funds for StackUp.