Daniel Wise

Event Manager

Email: dan.w@stackup.org

Brief Info:

Dan served in the US Navy from May 2003 to September 2012 as a Religious Programs Specialist. During that time he was stationed with 2DMAW in North Carolina, deploying to Iraq twice; spent 4 years on staff for the Chaplain of the Marine Corps at HQMC; and deployed 2 times on board the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73).

After the Navy, Dan became heavily involved in the comic and geek culture retail industry, working for one of the leading comic stores in the Washington, DC Metro area and traveling all over the East Coast and Mid-West attending comic conventions as an exhibitor. Because of his constant traveling, his passion for gaming quickly turned to mobile games.

In October 2017, Dan stepped up to the plate for Stack Up to lead the Veteran team in the Immortal Conquest competition, Nerds vs Veterans. The competition pitted the two teams against each other in a 7 week battle for $15,000 donation from the game’s creators to the charity supported by the winning side. Needless to say, the Veteran team crushed the competition!

Dan, now known by his IC handle – Little Lebowski – works for Stack Up as our Event Manager. Here he gets to combine all the things he loves into one job: gaming, community, and veterans.