Elvis Walden

StOP Initiative Administrator

Email: elvis.w@stackup.org

Brief Info:

Elvis Walden has served in both the USMC and US Army. Enlisting at just the age of 17 to the USMC in 2005, Elvis was heavily influenced to enlist due to the 9/11 terror attacks. Enlisting as 0311 (Infantry) in the Corps he wanted to be on the front lines to serve his country. Deployed to Afghanistan to Camp Dwyer at the end of 2006 with joint work with the British forces. At the age of 19 he was shot through his knee and was forced to leave the Corps by 2007. Within 10 months of separation he re-enlisted to the US Army as a 35F (Intelligence Analyst). He served 3 more tours and received further injuries including being stabbed and injured by an IED, ending his career in 2014 on disability.

Elvis became involved with Stephen Machuga’s work while attending college taking game design classes in Austin, TX. A former volunteer brought him into the fold of gaming and veterans. Being absolutely blown away by the support that Machuga was bringing to fellow troops, he dove into volunteering headfirst.

Now running the Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP), Elvis has been certified through Psych Armor as well as HIPAA. Understanding the pain and heavy guilt feelings that depression and PTSD can bring he is providing as much non-clinical care he possibly he can to veterans as well as civilian supporters within the Stack Up Discord channels. Knowledgeable in social media, streaming, non-clinical care, as well as dealing first hand with PTSD and such he is here to further Stack Up’s mission in their ability to support veterans worldwide.