Stephanie Owens

Director of Volunteer Services


Brief Info:

Stephanie “BettiePageGaming” Owens has been heavily involved in the online gaming community for well over 10 years. She has created and managed several gaming communities, hosted gaming tournaments and written many articles about video gaming. She currently serves as Stack Up’s Executive Administrator, Director of The Stacks Volunteer Program and creator of the StOP Initiative. She also leads the Central New Jersey Stack.

Stephanie became involved with Stack Up because of her love for community service, video gaming, and her forefathers service to our country dating back to the American Revolution. Stephanie was an EMT for many years, serving her local community in New Jersey. She is certified in several areas of Veteran service related issues such as PTSD, Suicide in the Military, Veterans Affairs and Military Culture as well as HIPAA.

Stephanie’s knowledge of veterans issues, social media, community engagement, community building and volunteering are just a few of the things she brings to the table to further Stack Up’s mission supporting the next great generation of veterans.