Weekly Bored Room Meeting – 10/11/2017

The weekly Bored Room meeting for the week of October 11th, 2017!


  • Call to Arms
  • Veterans Appreciation Week at Twitch
  • Long Beach Monday for Office Move
  • Nightmare Actual
  • Friday the 13th, please let us know if you can take part, would like to get the Redshirts together for a night of murdering each other
  • Immortal Conquest




  • Veteran Channel (purpose/implementation/location)
  • Immortal Conquest (Global 024/Ireland)
  • Hundred Heroes Campaign
  • TwitchCon prep
  • Game night tonight


  • Events this week:
    • Saturday 10/14:
      • Queens Stack: Fort Hamilton Comic Con at Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn.
  • 31 days until CALL TO ARMS!!! Stack leaders and members we need to know the following!
        Do you intend to stream?
        Are you available to monitor the C2A Discord & stream hop?
        Will you be volunteering with a local veterans group over the weekend?
        If not, then what are your fundraising plans?
    Here is the sign-up sheet to let us know what you will be doing: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeI61lYE24pxmCFQ_mH4EXeBqE_f2XqhgJmTfVXYnHmmV4-4w/viewform DM me if you need help with this!
  • Stacking up for Daniel and Puerto Rico https://www.gofundme.com/stacking-up-for-daniel
    The GoFundMe page is live and accepting donations for our Stack leader and his family in PR. Elvis, SgtWobble and ShadowShifter will be hosting a charity stream. If you can , please stop by and show your support. We also have an Amazon wish list that has some items on it that Daniel specifically asked for http://a.co/3PaPPNY
    I want to personally thank Elvis, SgtWobble and Shadow shifter for helping me make this possible for him. Stream is Saturday, the 14th from 3PM – 3AM.

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