Win – Logitech PC Gamer Pack!

With Call To Arms just around the corner in May we thought it might be time for some fun and excitement leading up to the big weekends. What better way to do that than to celebrate our troops all the way leading to May 19th and the start of the Call To Arms streaming weekend!

Each week we will be picking one lucky veteran* to receive a Logitech PC Gamer Pack! This includes all the fancy bells and whistles you need to take your PC gaming experience to the next level!



  • G203 Prodigy Mouse
  • G210 Prodigy Keyboard
  • G231 Prodigy Headset
  • G240 Prodigy Mousepad

If you are veteran, or currently serving* all you need to do is enter through Raflecopter which is linked right here below! Follow and Retweet on Twitter, visit us on Facebook and tell us what gaming means to you as a veteran. Do these things and you could find yourself the winner!

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We want to thank our friends at Logitech for helping make this contest amazing and providing some awesome prizing!

Not a veteran, and can’t enter the contest? Remember that May is Military Appreciation Month! Consider getting involved and making a difference through #CallToArms today! You can sign up HERE!

*Service will be confirmed before the prize will be awarded

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Steven Lukas

I have seen and heard enough about StackUP to know that this is a charity that really matters and helps our soldiers, both active duty and veterans.


being a veteran is something i do by choice and so is gaming. Alot of people look down at a gamers why would a 31 yo man with 3 kids and a wife spend time and money on such a thing i will tell you. first it helps me deal with things in my life. secondly its another way for me to interact with other veterans and share stories and experiences


Gaming has been a part of my life since i was 5. It has help me through a 9 month deployment and for me it has helped with stress and anxiety for that it will always be apart of my life


Best charity for needs like us. Video gaming holds a special place in my life and I imagine always will. Made hard times easy going.


Serving in the military has taught me so many different things over the years. You forge bonds with your brothers and sisters in arms which follow you everywhere you go. Gaming can forge some unique friendships as well and I am grateful that I have both in my life.


Stack-Up never disappoints. Good work everyone!


Gaming as a Veteran means getting together with friends and blowing off steam by gaming and having fun.


Without video games, I wouldn’t be here today. Been clean from Opiates & heroin for going on 9 years.


When I was in the navy back in the 90’s we had Nintendo and PS1 we gamed together on our off time. Playing bomberman, PvP games, and sports games.


Gaming is a distraction from the constant stress we are put under in the military. When we’re deployed it can be a portal back home with our friends, and when we’re home it can be a way to blow off steam in a healthy way. I’ve dealt with much social anxiety through interactions on games, so it’s a blessing to have them.


Growing up gaming was always important for me and my twin brother that is also veteran. Whether it was head to head on console or fighting over turns on the family pc to play games like runescape. Even though he now is contracting in Afghanistan and my traveling time is over we still talk more about video games when we talk then anything else. Its more then a activity its a way to bond with not only blood brothers but with brothers you have shed blood with as well.


I can remember, no matter where I was stationed, we always had gaming. In Korea we had a full NFL season playing Madden on a Genesis. When I was in Virginia it was Doom on my new Packard Bell running a Pentium 60. So many good memories!

Kim O

I’ve been gaming since I was a kid. I have 3 brothers so i grew up with them and gaming with them.


Gaming and streaming give me a new purpose in life, to help and guide people as well as entertain them at the same time.


I was working through some severe PTSD issues at a local Veteran’s Center when I found out about I was very alone and going to the stack-up LAN party at the center, quite literally, saved my life. I’ve come a long way since that first LAN event and now I regularly attend them and am much more comfortable around other people, especially fellow veterans. I can’t thank you enough for the change you’ve made in my life, saving it being the biggest one.

David Lehman, USN Veteran


Gaming is awesome and has events that tell some stories that are from true events and being a veteran, you live the true events.

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